EverGreen Ocean Fleet Slow Pitch Metal Jig Caprice NEO 180g

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A new caprice with even better drainage.

By making fine adjustments to the shape of each part, such as the balance of thickness and the angle of the edges, the drainage is further improved. The increased speed of irregular dirt and the increased distance of glide and wobble fall elicit more reaction from the biting target fish and produce more fishing results.

Back side shape :

The tip is sharp and streamlined to reduce pulling resistance. The keel from the center to the rear and the left and right overhangs create a glide and wobble action from stop to fall.

Large round eye :

By adopting a large round eye, the direction of pulling changes irregularly. In addition, the pulling resistance at the start is reduced, and it is possible to lightly dart from the beginning to the end of pulling, and a comfortable operation feeling can be obtained.

Vertical eye :

It not only reduces the deformation of the eye due to the impact at the time of landing, but also has the effect of greatly reducing the rooting when attaching the tail hook.

Target fish: Blue fish / Hairtail / Spanish mackerel / Red sea bream / Root fish etc.

Length: 12.9cm

Weight: 180g


Irregular dirt with sharp shape:



Fall Action Type 1: Glide action


Fall Action Type 2: Wobble action


Slow Pitch Jerk


High Pitch Jerk

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