EverGreen SquidLaw Imperial Squid Rod
EverGreen SquidLaw Imperial Squid Rod

EverGreen SquidLaw Imperial Squid Rod

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EverGreen SquidLaw Imperial Squid Rod


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The beautiful rods Poseidon Squidlaw Imperial SIMS, are a phenomenal series of 8 rods sea dedicated to spinning, for fisheries in the sea bass, redfish, sea bream, murmurs, squid and more.

Evergreen, in the study, design and construction of this series has taken a big step forward, fact it was adopted an innovative technology that has eliminated unnecessary frills to go straight to the point, in order to maximize the maximum capacity of the rod.

All this series has been designed for spinning from the shore as piers or low cliffs, their power with a disarming elasticity, a balance extraordinary and a load under stress phenomenal makes them unique, even when used for a long time do not accuse no effort.

Even the name was not chosen by chance, as a great empire this series is destined to radically change the basic concept of a spinning rod, precisely a series imperial.

The Blank of the Squidlaw Imperial is made up of high modulus carbon fiber 99% with treatment "Anne Sand", without varnished, they are only coated with a treatment that highlights the glossy black color of the carbon.

The guides system are LC in the low part and LDB-MN in the upper part with titanium frame, these rings guarantee maximum sliding of the PE, high sensitivity and extreme lightness.

The joint system is of high precision and allows the maximum strength when assembled by transmitting all the vibration in the whole rod.

As far as the reel seat is a great Fuji IPS to high precision, in color glossy black, with coating anti shock in the EVA.

Finally, the hand grip separated in EVA gives the final touch to this wonderful rod with a lacquering glossy black and with final dish with the model name.

  • NIMS-86L Slack Master 86
Length  2.59m  Pieces  2 
Weight 111g  Power  Light
Lure  #2.5 - 4  Line  PE0.5 - 1.2

  • NIMS-86M Razor King 86
Length  2.59m  Pieces  2 
Weight 120g  Power  Midium
Lure  #2.5 - 4  Line  PE0.5 - 1.2
  • NIMS-90L Slack Master 90
Length  2.74m  Pieces  2 
Weight 117g  Power  Light
Lure  #2.5 - 4  Line  PE0.5 - 1.2

  • NIMS-110ML Slack King 110
Length  3.35m  Pieces  3
Weight 158g  Power  Middle Light
Lure  #2.5 - 4  Line  PE0.5 - 1.2