DECOY AS-03P Pike Pro Pack Jigging Assist Hook

$38.50 AUD

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Shore and light jigging hooks.

This ultra sharp and strong hook was use to test for jigging tehniques and proven to have a better hook-up. It can be use on inchikus,kabura,dart jigs and stick bait or popper too. Sizes 3/0 & 4/0 can handle easily biggest sea predators without problems. Sizes from 1-2/0 are ideal to be assist hooks on your inchiku and kabura lures.They are very light ,but extra sharp and strong enough.


  • Available size:
    • #1 (qty:60),
    • #1/0 (qty:52),
    • #2/0 (qty:42),
    • #3/0 (qty:36),
    • #4/0 (qty:30)
  • Color : TIN (Aqua Block)
  • Made in Japan

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