D-Claw Floating Popper Beacon 120
D-Claw Floating Popper Beacon 120
D-Claw Floating Popper Beacon 120
D-Claw Floating Popper Beacon 120

D-Claw Floating Popper Beacon 120

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D-Claw Floating Popper Beacon 120

GH sardine

North Willoughby

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120mm / 40g (± 2) Floating specification
Made of special hard high foam resin

Supports large items with 1.6 mm penetrating wire specifications

A unique body that can be cast for a long time, and a balance setting that makes it difficult for error action to occur even if it is in line or in a follow-up wave.

Blade tuning etc. is also possible with the rear eye set slightly longer


Popper that often flies even on thick lines and is hard to get error action

It flies well even when used with PE4 ~ 6, and it produces a splash and pop sound that attracts big players with less error action in all sea conditions, whether it is a trailing wave or a trailing wave!
It is a popper that has achieved very good fishing results not only for blue-backed fish such as yellowtail and amberjack, but also for yellowfin tuna.
Since the rear eye is slightly longer than our existing lure, it is possible to attach a blade of your favorite size and enhance the flushing appeal!


(Recommended hook)

Recommended for both single and treble hooks @ 2-4g

* If you make fine adjustments with a split ring etc. according to the sea conditions due to the ebb and flow of the tide, it will lead to improved fishing results.

Color Lineup

GH Iwashi



* The color condition may differ slightly depending on the product. Please note.
* Since foamed resin is used as the material, the weight of each product varies.
* Specifications of the product are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
* Do not leave in a car exposed to high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.


length weight Color JAN
120mm 40g (± 2)
GH sardine 457306
Anchovy 457313
AgoAgo 457320

Manufacturer code (first 7 digits) 4571325