Daiwa Super Finesse Lube II, Maintenance Oil for Bait Reel

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Full synthetic, ultra low viscosity oil. Synthetic oil keeps its low viscosity even at low temperature. Recommended for spool ball bearings on high-performing bait casting reels to cast ultra light rigs. It removes frictions from spool, and help spools accelerate immediately.

  • 100% chemically synthesized oil that does not contain any impurities purified to high purity (the oil itself does not change from "Superfine rub")
  • Extremely low level of spool response due to extremely low frictional resistance
  • Achieves ultra-low viscosity without diluting solvent, and does not change viscosity due to solvent evaporation
  • The container has become a hard type, making it easier to carry
  • Extra fine tip dropper included
  • Made in Japan
  • 15ml

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