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The new 2020 Impult equipped with BITURBO brakes and ZAION air rotor. Achieves operability inherited from the flagship.


Competitions require a higher level of operability and speed. To accommodate this, the competition model has achieved the lightest weight in the series, 230g. ZAION material is used for the handle and lever to reduce weight. The gear ratio is 7.2 and the winding length is 108 cm, implemented an aggressive style with high speed.

<IMPULT 2500SH/2500H-LBD>

Two gear ratio types, SH6.8 (winding length 102 cm) and H6.2 (winding length 93 cm), are available for size 2500 to support various fishing methods while ensuring the necessary and sufficient amount of winding thread. ). The SH type, which has a quick turnaround, is equipped with a ZAION handle, and the H type, which has a large winding power, is equipped with an aluminium handle.


As a model for aiming at big fish, a gear ratio of 6.8 is set for model 3000SH, which has a sufficient amount of winding thread. The gear ratio has a sense of power while having sufficient winding speed for strong and fast big players.


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