Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel
Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel
Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel
Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel
Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel

Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel

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Daiwa 23 Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reel


North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

340 Penshurst Street
North Willoughby NSW 2068


“TOUGH & TECHNICAL” to pioneer a new era in SW fishing scene.

Unmatched power and toughness with total control. A high specification reel to pioneer a new era. Designed to exhibit full strength under pressure, catching the largest fish in the oceans with ease.

Full metal (AL) body construction with DAIWA’s original MONOCOQUE (MQ) body concept supports a machine-cut TOUGH DIGIGEAR made from G1 Duralumin to provide unmatched crank power and extra strength to the drive gear.

Designed to allow anglers to control fish under any conditions, with enough power to gain an extra wind against any large predator an angler may encounter.

Equipped with a new aluminium AIRDRIVE ROTOR to provide rotation with low inertia and extra strength, the reel is equipped with the latest advanced technology and specifications.

4000-H & 4000-XH

  • Shore Casting, Super Light Jigging (SLJ) and Light Casting
  • ARK Knob: Small Size (Φ39mm)

5000-H & 5000-XH

  • Shore Casting, Light Jigging and Inshore Casting
  • ARK Knob: Large Size (Φ42mm)

6000-H & 6000-XH

  • Shore casting, Jigging, Inshore Casting, Reef Flats Casting
  • ARK Knob: Large Size (Φ42mm)

 23 Saltiga Showcase Specifications

23 SALTIGA (G) 4000-H 12BB (9CRBB; 2MSBB; 1RB) PE #2/300m 12kg 5.7:1 90cm 345g
23 SALTIGA (G) 4000-XH 12BB (9CRBB; 2MSBB; 1RB) PE #2/300m 12kg 6.2:1 98cm 345g
23 SALTIGA (G) 5000-H 12BB (9CRBB; 2MSBB; 1RB) PE #2.5/300m 15kg 5.7:1 96cm 365g
23 SALTIGA (G) 5000-XH 12BB (9CRBB; 2MSBB; 1RB) PE #2.5/300m 15kg 6.2:1 104cm 365g
23 SALTIGA (G) 6000-H 12BB (9CRBB; 2MSBB; 1RB) PE #3/300m 15kg 5.7:1 101cm 400g
23 SALTIGA (G) 6000-XH 12BB (9CRBB; 2MSBB; 1RB) PE #3/300m 15kg 6.2:1 110cm 400g




AIRDRIVE ROTOR gives control back to the angler, allowing the reel to perform exactly as intended by lowering the inertia required to both start & stop winding rotation. By showcasing an easy winding sensation, AIRDRIVE ROTOR allows the angler to react quickly and instantly to bites, especially on slack line.

By reducing the weight of the rotor and re-shaping the design, the rotation of the reel has been improved. Lower inertia gives better control with reduced effort required by the angler.



To enhance its position for power & strength, 6000 size Saltiga is equipped with Φ3.0mm tubular AIRDRIVE BAIL. To support the reduced weight of the rotor and maintain the sensitivity, 4000 & 5000 Saltiga is equipped with Φ2.4mm bail. Carefully crafted for each size, a reduced wire diameter is realised whilst maintaining the strength anglers are used to with DAIWA’s AIR BAIL.

DAIWA has also re-engineered bail trip mechanism with aim to provide a precision open & close movement to give enhanced feeling to angler while in use.



AIRDRIVE SHAFT has a non-contact structure between the mainshaft and the pinion gear.

In addition to this, both ends of pinion gear are now supported with bearings to transmit the crank power from the handle to the rotor with a higher level of efficiency. By adding high quality collars to the mainshaft, rotational noise has been reduced significantly.

AIRDRIVE SHAFT creates the feel of smooth, quiet rotation and provides anglers with enhanced torque and power.