Cojyant Metal Jig VBW 150g

Cojyant Metal Jig VBW 150g

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Cojyant Metal Jig VBW 150g

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Deepers Factory meets the needs of those anglers who are driven to catch the trophy of a lifetime in the wide-open sea. The reality of game fishing can be a quite challenging theatre. In fact, it overwhelms many anglers and they simply give up on jigging. Captains are always dealing with anxiety over “How to get anglers to catch fish easier”. Taking advantage of our founder’s vast wealth of experience, we finally launched our own workshop on the shores of Tosa to address these concerns.

Deepliner, the high-end brand of Deepers Factory, is a pioneering slow-pitch jig makers, led by Captain Higashimura, a leading angler in Japan. The jigs they make has set the standards for slow pitch jigs and they are still the mainstay for most slow-pitch anglers.

COJYANT, the new brand of Deepers Factory, means "thoroughly enough" in the Kochi dialect. Because the condition of the ocean is changing from moment to moment, it is not easy to make the target fish to bite the jig. This new brand 'COJYANT' is designed at Angler's perspective by taking full advantage of experiences of Mr. Higashimura-san, who is the boss of Deepliner and active as a fishing guide for many years in the Kuroshio Current Basin.

VBW Serials

Soft action with gentle tide

VBW is the most basic jig that inherits the characteristics of VB, which was first released in slow pitch jerk.
Slow vibration fall is an item that you should use first because it is easy to make the timing of feeding and it is easy to reproduce the basics of slow pitch jerk that "produces a bait that is easy to eat".