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High performance metal jig corresponding to various operating environments from vertical to shallow cast & jerk regardless of input and load direction. The unique form realizes superior startability and responds swiftly to the strategy that Angler's meaning. Automatic action requiring no difficult operation from continuous operation of swimming system using spinning tackle to basic one pitches. The stable posture that is born during operation is extremely long in retention time, superior to the rise to the next action Smooth connection of actions. Floating to resist gravity, excellent balance design.

Jet Propulsion

The design of the weights dispersed largely in the front and rear produced a strong propulsive force that the lure himself would move. This voluntary action allows for more lively and less discomforting production, and the rounded form stimulates predatory instincts with rounded movements and waves. Jerk, twitch, retrieve, its operation is free. While feeling light motion behaviour in hand, you can fully enjoy the jig control fun.


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