CB ONE D3 Semi Long Metal JIG 95g

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 Input and gravity balance designed exclusively for lateral movement realized high follow-up to high speed action which can not be done with conventional vertical jig. It also responds to a light rod work that returns the wrist. A good rise, the turning performance that follows continuous motion enables high speed combination that interchanges invitation such as short, one pitch, twitch and stop. By manipulating with a rod work with fast tempo, the performance of D3 is amazingly demonstrated.


Level Drive

Horizontal orbit
Just wrapping with wobbling, short dart with cutting at twitch. Between actions, we developed a high-speed combination of invitation and eating with a no-action falling imitation of tag rebars.

Delta Balance

Body design with excellent horizontal holding

By maintaining the horizontal attitude and suppressing the fall speed between actions, excellent mobility in the lateral direction is realized. Initial response, responding to changes in speed of various rod work with higher turnability. Cast & Jerk, Dotella sink, Showing power on sideways, diagonal orbit such as fast tide.

Weight: 95 g

Length: 142 mm



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