Blueblue Lipless Minnow SCARNASH 140F 25g

Blueblue Lipless Minnow SCARNASH 140F 25g

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▶Strong winds in the open ocean are also acceptable!Excellent flight distance!

▶Strong wave and high pitch roll action created by the bent body shape!

▶With the specification that can mount 3 # 3 hooks will catch any bite!

The SCARNASH140F is a versatile lipless minnow that can be used in the open sea such as surf fishing.Since the center of gravity moving system that mounts a large tungsten ball inside the body is adopted, it has achieved an outstanding flight distance for a minnow plug of the same size.The action is set to high pitch roll action, and it is designed to generate strong waves due to the bent tail shape.Due to the strong waves and the flushing that occurs from the high pitch roll action, as a lipless minnow of the same size, it attracts fish with the highest level of appeal.In addition, the action that irregularly fluctuates in the high speed range, and in the low speed range the fish is invited by the swaying roll action even if it is wound slowly enough to not feel the pulling resistance of the lure.