34 THIRTY FOUR Pinky Polyester Line
34 THIRTY FOUR Pinky Polyester Line

34 THIRTY FOUR Pinky Polyester Line

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34 THIRTY FOUR Pinky Polyester Line


North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

340 Penshurst Street
North Willoughby NSW 2068


"A line that is easy to see for people and hard to see for fish"

The main time for aging is at night, after the sun goes down. Pinky's pink color stands out well under the night light and you can take a bite with the movement of the line. After throwing it, it often happens when you are dropping it free to get to the bottom, and if you count down at that time, you can quickly find the range where the horse mackerel is. As long as the line color is easy to see, it doesn't mean that anything is fine. Depending on the color, there are colors that fish repel, and we tested it many times in various situations and places and confirmed that the pink color is easy to see and is not disliked by fish, so we adopted it. 

This line uses polyester as the material, so it has almost no stretch and has a specific gravity of 1.38, so it won't float.