YGK x HAPYSON Rechargeable Heat Cutter

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This NEW line cutting and finishing off tool, produced by the famous Japanese company YGK uses the latest technology to create this handy rechargeable cutting tool that uses heat to cut and finish off any of your knots including FG, PR knots etc.

YGK Heat Cutter has a structure that is hard to break and comes with a ceramic guard and can be fully charged through any USB port / device.

To use, you simply press the tip the line against the electric heating disk which creates a melted dome. YGK Heat Cutter is an awesome tool that can quickly and easily finish any knot in any conditions.

  • Rechargeable type that can be used repeatedly (micro USB charging)
  • Two-step temperature adjustment according to material and thickness with LED to notify heat generation
  • Drip-proof structure that can withstand splashing water
  • Temperature:Strong about 400C weak about 270C (At 20°C environment)
  • Compatible thread:Nylon, Fluoro No. 1-40 (4lb-120lb), PE (No. 0.3-12)
  • Battery life:Approximately 50 times (use once for 5 seconds with strong power)
  • Charge Time:Approximately 2.5 hours (at 20°C environment)
  • Charging:Micro USB
  • Drip-proof:IPX4

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