Yamashita Tai Kabura Tainodama Round Type SET 150g

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Yamashita Tai Kabura Tainodama Round Type SET

Attract red sea breams with a mirror ball design that diffuses the reflection of light and a complex wave from its design!

"Light" plays an important role in attracting red sea bream from far away. Tainodama series doesn't merely focus on shining but rather on the complex light reflections from the "natural world". Like the scattering light that is created from sardine scales, for example. The shape of the mirror ball reflects light from various angles and attracts red sea bream from great distance. 


<Tai Kabura Round Type Features:>

- The round irregular design generates complex waves underwater giving the impression of a live bait. Also the small round shape has a stable fall during sinking against currents. 

- All color models are UV.

- You can easily and quickly replace the skirts on this slider without breaking the whole thread skirt. The slider features a unique plastic holder with a transparent  slide on tube.

Just put a tie in the hole and slide the tube to fix it. When replacing, just slide the tube and it's OK!


The tie can be expanded by sliding the tube to the opposite side of the Hook and fixing the tie. Hooking rate improves by opening the space for tie action and needles!


- The unique plastic holder makes the hook rig easily to change

 - It also can be combines with Yamashita's Hadou Bait set.




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