Yamashita Naory Range Hunter Basic Type Squid Jig Size #1.8B

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The new Naory Range Hunter feature the 'warm jacket' cloth (the same cloth as the Egi Oh Live series) This cloth reacts to any type of light to create a subtle temperature change. This temperature change is similar to natural baitfish temps. So the squid are more interested in following your jig. 

The Range Hunter Basic has a sinking rate at about 3.2 sec/m which is the same sink rate of a 3.5 size squid jig and enables you to fish deeper water with a small profile jig. This is particularly useful in strong currents, when there are small squid holding in deeper water or when the squid are not interested in a large profile squid jig.

A black eye is another of their distinguishing features. They are fitted with an original design and stainless curved super fine spikes/hooks.

Tin Sinker - Environmentally friendly.

  • Size: #1.8
  • Type: Basic
  • Sinking Speed: about 3.2 s/m
  • Weight : 6g
  • Available in 10 colours

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