Yamashita Eginno Pyonpyon Search Squid Jig R05 NBA 490 Glow Body

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This is “PYON PYON SEARCH”. Compare with normal egi, it has original aspect.

This Egi was born for make easy Eging. With this Egi, every angler can enjoy eging. Especially for beginners.

It`s designed for fish squid and sepia more easily.
The problems of eging are…
It`s hard to make quick dart action, let egi fall to bottom, feel the bite of squid.
It`s quite complicated technic for beginners.
There are a lot of people who takes time to fish first squid by eging.
The this Egi can be helpful.

“PYON PYON SEARCH” does not need these special technic.

  • It does not need to make it fall a untill bottom.
  • It does not need make dart action with quick rod action.
  • It does not need control and take care about tension of the line.
  • It`s so easy to use and it brings you squid.
Size Weight
Sink Rate
Sink Type
2.5 -   - -
3 15 92 3.2 basic
3.5 18 105 3.5 basic


Eginno Lip which produce natural jumping movement of escaping shrimp.

On the sinker part, it has movable flap. This flap is called eginnolip.
This flat part produces jumping movement of shrimp by simple quick rod action.
Everybody, even if beginners can produce action easily.

Just make simple action and left it fall, it provoke bite of squid and sepia.
When launch it, this flap is folded for not cause air resistance.
Also it has rattle for attract squid by sound.

The feather legs Eginno Leg imitates natural move of shrimp legs. This movement attracts squid strongly.

It has fat body and inferior part of body has feather which imitates shrimp legs.
Receiving the current and action power, this Eginno leg moves so attractively.
While falling, the leg waves individually like authentic legs.

You can see the movement on this video.

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