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  • Enables stress-free jigging with a complex surface configuration in deep area.
  • The weights that are maximally built up in the center of the body to ensure delivery to the target range are arranged so as not to impair the ideal action and operability.
  • The offset line eye controls the initial posture that triggers the slide when jerk.
  • Due to the flat shape on the side of the tail, a slow and floating horizontal fall after jerk. Produces a period of feeding that makes the target use the mouth.
  • There is little pulling weight, it can be operated with a tackle one rank lower, and the jig can be slid reliably with a light input that makes use of the repulsion of the rod, and the thorough sliding performance enables actions with little depth change and invites Increase the variation of.
  • The operability that can be used by any user and the action performance of high response specifications have the potential to meet a wide range of needs, from beginners aiming for new fields to experts seeking new methods and fishing methods every day.


  • Length: 196 mm
  • Weight: 230 grams


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