STUDIO OCEAN MARK (S.O.M) End knotter EK50

$44.00 AUD

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  • Weight : about 18g
  • Lenght : about 57mm
  • Diameter : about 10mm
  • End knotter corresponding to every knot.

Main line winding reckoning fixation is possible by the combination of tension rubber and rubber ring. The conventional products had to wind it during the work of the end knot each time, but open EK50 from such an agony. I pursue balance of length and the thickness not to disturb the flow of the knot, the plural rubber rings where it is easy to attach a line to, the tension rubber of the design which I prevent it from falling off and am easy to have to catch a PE line in, a rubber ring and the convenience of the angler including the symmetry placement of the tension rubber. To the size that I am downsized while keeping strength from EK65, and the settlement is better. Furthermore, the projection of the prevention of rolling ran out, too. Every knot is the new suggestion end knotter which crosses it, and supports work.

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