Shout Super Joint Jig Bag System

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  • System Jig Bag III
Store any kind of jig, regardless of size, shape or weight.
The jigging game begins with the preparation of your tackle. Water depth, type of bait and tide conditions. . . these are all things you’ll have to consider when selecting your jigs. The System Jig Bag III is equipped with pockets to accommodate jigs or various weights, lengths and thicknesses. Inside up to three separate jig bags can be held in place on Velcro mounting. Perfect fit inside the water guard case to protect your gear from the spray.
  • Seperate Jig Bag III

Store you jigs according to pattern, and select your bag to suit the situation.

No one enjoys the process of going through an unorganized pile of jigs to decide which ones you want to bring with you on a trip. By organizing your jigs according to weight, shape and area for use, you can cut down on the hassle of preparing your tackle. Use Separate Jig Bags to store your organized jigs and then bring only the ones you need in the Water Guard Case. The Separate Jig Bag helps you to make sure you have the essentials covered with less hassle!



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