Shimano Nexus COREACT Floating Vest VF-112R

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  • Thoroughly measure and analyze the movements of anglers from the perspective of actual fishing and science.
  • Adopted "COREACT" designed to maximize the performance of anglers
  • Retro-reflective design that has the presence of a limited professional is placed everywhere
  • Equipped with removable partitions on the left and right inside the front pocket. The partition allows for efficient storage and can be used as a vertical split pocket.
  • Special anti-slip material is used on both the inside and outside of the shoulder. Luggage carried is difficult to slip
  • Adjustment on the side is a Boa fit system for a comfortable fit
  • Combination system
  • Washable
  • 2WAY system
  • Bench air
  • A power holding system that provides both elasticity and breathability. Improves hold and prevents slipping forward
  • Shoulder cushion specifications
  • With clock loop under chest pocket brush
  • Pin holder
  • Towel loop inside, accessory holder, emergency whistle, penlight holder
  • Line holder pocket that can fix Harris
  • Diagonally placed center pocket for storage capacity and quick opening and closing
  • Pliers pocket
  • Dust pocket
  • Crotch belt with dot button in the center
  • Resin slider

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