Shimano TANATORU 4-strands 1200m PE Line

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IZANAS™ yarn is also active in new fishline markets such as jigging, egging, etc. as well as boat fishing and fly fishing. Unlike mono-filament products, the new IZANAS™ yarn product line uses a braided structure and promises further evolution. We have polished up the sensitivity and retained the high strength, so please expect the best from our evolving fishing lines.


  • 4 Braid PE Line
  • Highest quality IZANAS PE Fibers
  • Braided with Shimano Tough Cross Technology to create a tightly woven & smooth line
  • Shimano VT Technology helps keep the line straight and with less stretch
  • Construction Method : IZANAS® + VT Braided
  • Line Type : Braided Line
  • Country of Origin : Japan
  • Multiple Colors (5 colors * 10m,  1m/5m pitch marking)
  • 1200m (100m *12)

Itemu LB kg
#2.0 38.7lb 17.6kg
#3.0 49.1lb 22.3kg
#4.0 67.8lb 30.7kg
#5.0 77.7lb 35.2kg

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