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  • GORE-TEX 3 layer specifications with excellent waterproof and breathable outer material
  • Adopting up-swing pattern and draping considering easy arm action in fishing
  • Water-resistant Bislon fastener at the front with little pulling resistance and smooth opening and closing (* not completely waterproof)
  • Two pants styles are possible by attaching and detaching suspenders
  • Pocket layout considering wearing the floating vest
  • Front insert hood (detachable)
  • Sweat-absorbent knit material on the back of the collar
  • Cap strap loop on the collar
  • Waterproof fastener chest pocket
  • Double stretch cuffs
  • Spindle adjustment on the jacket hem
  • Combination system (XS and S sizes correspond to M size of floating vest)
  • Front front resin zip fastener (with triangular gusset)
  • Pants pocket with zipper
  • Pants hem fastener
  • Double hip reinforcement
  • Material/Table: 100% polyester (e.P.T.F.E breathable waterproof) / Part: 100% nylon

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