Shimano Soare A-Jig SS-265M

$11.00 AUD

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Performance-enhancing design prior to the center of gravity - a forward center of gravity, thanks to which the lure fails stepwise with a very variable motion. In addition to the forward centre of gravity back and forth assist hook is installed Jig is specifically designed for horse mackerel fishing and works wonderfully in a free-fall phase.

The lure game and the deceleration speed are easy to adjust, from the circuit and video it's understandable how to do that. It is suitable for deep-sea fishing when looking for the aquatic layer in which the fish are kept. It can also be used to cover the underlying layers. 

The Jig is completed in front and back with an assistant hook. Recommended for lovers of horse mackerel fishing!

The short body results in a super erratic motion when pitching

  • Weight: 2.0g
  • Type: Metal Jig Sinking


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