Shimano Plemio 3000 Electric Reel

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Simple is the best. The new Plemio 3000 emphasizes on one button interface to control all the action, providing anglers with easy and simple way of deep sea fishing. It comes with a lot of new functions such as Super Slow Retrieve, Memory Back Up function, Automatic Retrieve, and Rakuraku mode which adjust motor speed responding to the load. With the new Plemio 3000, it is so simple. Just press once button and let the onboard motor do the rest.
  • WEIGHT: 625g
  • MAX DRAG: 10.0 (KG)
  • LINE CAPACITY (PE): 4-400、5-350、6-300、8-200
  • GEAR RATIO: 3.6
  • BEARING: 1/0
  • HADLE LENGTH: 75(mm)

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