Shimano Nexus Floating Vest VF-111Q

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The Nexus life jacket retains a classic design which is paired with necessary comfort and safety features to ensure safety and efficient performance when fishing. The pockets are designed to be comfortable to reach and hassle free, this is further achieved by using high quality materials to ensure smooth opening and closing of the pockets.

The Nexus life jacket has been tested many times in various environments and situations to ensure that the performance is maintained at 100%. This life jacket is the optimal choice for any anglers who are after quality products at an affordable price.


  •   To demonstrate the presence of unique limited Pro retroreflective designs placed everywhere
  •   And vertically in the front pocket dividers, keep lifting, line and case, can be stored. Storage efficiency and the smooth exchange of tools
  •   Adopt a special non-slip material on both sides inside and outside of the shoulder. Carrying luggage can shift hard
  •   Adjustment on the side of the Boa closure system for a comfortable fit.
  •   Power holding system that combines fabrics and breathable. Hold higher the shear to prevent falling.

[Other specifications]

  • Combination system
  • washable 
  • 2-WAY you can fix the clock hanging loop with pinhole day
  • inside a towel loop, accessory holder and emergency response whistle, pen-light holder
  • Harris
  • bench air
  • shoulder of cushion specifications
  • chest pocket Flash under line holder pocket and storage capacity and fast opening and closing angled placement Center Pocket
  • Player Pocket
  • dust pocket and Center the dot button with crotch belt
  • resin
  • slider Lightweight, easy-to-grasp original delivery
  • breast and hip pockets is easy to open and close hard piping specification. 
  • main material: nylon 100% (water repellent)
  • mesh material: 100% polyester
  • BOA system material : special reinforced resin, stainless steel wire
  • floating material: independent foam materials (NBR 70% and 30% PVC)

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