Shimano Dry Shield Geo-Lock WaterProof Shoes FS-155R

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  • This item is SHIMANO Dry Shield Geo-Lock Flex Rubber Pin Felt Shoes FS-155R BLACK.
  • Bending line arrangement structure which is easy to follow the island.
  • Lubricity Synthetic rubber and high hardness stainless steel pin embedded
  • Geo-Lock Flexcut Rubber pin felt sole.
  • Breathability, cushioning properties, fitting 3D shape cup insole (3 mm thick foam EVA)
  • Midsole and upper - EVA cushion mounted inside.
  • The toes and side peripheral parts adopted a strong material for the cosle.
  • Upper mesh material excellent in breathability.
  • Velo easily opens wide and wears off smoothly.

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