Shimano Nexus Floating Vest VF-121T

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  • Thorough measurement and analysis from the viewpoint of the angler's movement, actual fishing and science. Adopted "Core Act" aiming to maximize the performance of anglers
  • Anti-slip material is placed on both the inside and outside of the shoulder, which makes it easy to shift the carried luggage and improves the lightness
  • Pursuing the ease of movement of the arm that accompanies rod work, and designed with deep side cuts
  • 2WAY system adopted that allows breathability of the back
  • The front is divided into 4 parts on both sides, the back is divided into 5 parts, and the thickness is changed to 5 levels (M size is 4 levels) to improve the fit to the body. Releasing from stuffiness with mesh fabric between divisions
  • Combination system (M size corresponds to XS, S size of NEXUS wear)
  • Washable
  • Power Holding System
  • Shoulder cushion specifications
  • Pin holder
  • With clock loop under chest pocket plush
  • Inside accessory holder, pen light holder, towel loop
  • Line holder pocket that can fix Harris
  • Diagonally placed center pocket for storage capacity and quick opening and closing
  • Pliers pocket
  • Dust pocket
  • Polarized glass holder
  • Adjustable armpit adjustment while wearing
  • Crotch belt with dot button in the center
  • Material: 100% nylon (water repellent)
  • Material(Mesh part): 100% polyester
  • Material(Buoyancy): Independent foam material (NBR, PVC)


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