Shimano Beastmaster MD3000 Electric Jigging Reel


Shimano Beastmaster MD3000 Electric Jigging Reel

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Shimano Beastmaster MD3000 Electric Jigging Reel


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The Beast Master MD3000 with NEW GIGA-MAX MOTOR combines the Power of 3000XP with the speed of 3000XS, and achieves a maximum drag power of 25kg.

It improve rigidity of the HAGANE body it has evolved into a nonstandard monster electric reel with upgrade reinforced gear system.

In addition, compact body that is easy to hold, and equipped with advanced large mechanical brake knobsupports the fall fishing method.

It controls the battle in heavy mode, such as large amberjacks that plunge intensely, multi-point hanging of large squid that are exposed to prolonged ultra-high load conditions, such as large amberjack and yellowtail.

Item Condition
Gear Ratio
Line Capacity

PE#4/400m, #5/350m, #6/300m, #8/200

MAX Drag
MAX Winding Speed
MAX Winding power 88kg
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan



GIGA-MAX MOTOR mounted on Shimano electric reel and Beast Master only.

The biggest feature is that there is "No Brush" made of carbon or copper, which is used as one part to carry current. Because there is no brush, there is no wear point and the motor life is extended.
It is also a advantage of GIGA-MAX MOTOR that it can demonstrate powerful power even at high temperatures where motor performance tends to decrease.

And the NEW GIGA-MAX MOTOR mounted on the Beast Master MD3000 improves motor torque by 40% compare with Beastmaster 3000XP.

It has achieved overwhelming driving force that combines 3000XS speed and 3000XP power. The strength and speed that can be delivered at the angler's request. And open the world of electric big games like never before with durability.

Large mechanical brake knob

The size of the brake knob has been made larger than before in order to expand the possibility of fall fishing on electric reels.

It is now possible to adjust quickly with your thumb. The braking power has also been greatly improved.

This function is particularly effective when baiting by fishing or dropping during the fall with squid, squid, squid, etc.



S compact body

The power cable connector is located on the handle side.
In addition, the reel has a body shape that can hold the reel more firmly, improving palming.

It supports the angler in various situations in actual fishing, such as operability up to eating, as well as during long fights with large fish.


In order to catch the dramatically improved motor power and keep larger fish, a HAGANE body using a high-rigidity aluminum frame for the first time in size 3000 is adopted.

Strong and fast hoisting without succumbing to the heavy fights of large fishes and deep-field multi-point hooks.

You can experience the essence of the machine that receives the title of Monster Drive.

Powerful drag system

The maximum drag force achieved by the powerful drag system mounted on the Beast Master MD3000 is 25 kg.

16 Beastmaster 3000XP / XS 20kg, greatly enhanced, threatening specifications comparable to Beastmaster 9000. The area that Monster Drive aimed for can be felt from this figure alone.

Reinforced gear system

The gear system has been greatly enhanced, including the use of bearings for the reduction gears, to achieve threat durability.

Synergy with NEW GIGA-MAX MOTOR achieves unprecedented winding strength, speed and stability.

It is a reinforced gear system for fighting for a long time with a highly durable brushless motor

Multilingual Display

It is now possible to switch the display language of LCD to Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.


Function of Shimano BeastMaster MD3000

  • Auto Line Delivery
  • Jigging/Pick up button
  • Jigging Mode (Programmable Jigging Function)
    If you set ON, You can change the patterns of Invitation and set original movement.
  • Top / Bottom Mode
  • e-Exciting drag sound
  • Line tension display
  • Fukase Mode (Swimfeeder fishing)
    If you set ON, You can change Hitting Alarm sound speed 0 - Hi
  • Easy mode
    Easy mode is the function which maintain the tension you have settled.
    It means that reel chatch the tention of line and change the rotation of motor automatically
    and maintain the fixed tention.
  • Speed mode
    This function is to maintain the speed whether you wind big or small fish. It means the motor
    of this reel adjust the speed (rotation spped of spool) regardless of the weight to the reel.
  • Color dot display
  • Quick return clutch
  • Heat free system
  • Fire Mach System
  • Carbon cross washer