PROX PITATTO Multiple Hunger PX825

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  • Mount two in the car to a moving rod holder! Attach it to the cooler for hanging! Hook for clothes drying!
  • Suction cup type that it is easy to install and remove.
  • Multi hanger that can be used in various fishing scenes!
  • In case the suction force of the suction cup becomes weak or deforms, soak the sucker surface in hot water at 50-60 ° C for about 5-6 minutes, restore deformation and dry.
  • Material (body): ABS resin / Elastomer resin
  • Material (Suction cup): Vinyl chloride resin
  • Withstand load: 5kg
  • Rod compatible diameter: 17mm or less
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 70 ℃
  • Color: Black
Precautions for use
  • Select a location with no unevenness.
  • Depending on the shape of the mounting position, it may not be used.
  • When using as a rod holder in a car, please hang it with a good balance of weight and length.
  • Please use it on the window when attaching to the car.
  • Avoid mounting on thin glass surfaces.
  • Rod compatible diameter: 17mm or less

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