Palms Shore Gun Evolv Shore Slow Jigging Lure Rod (JDM Model)

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What we're selling here is Japan Domestic Model with FUJI high end SiC Guide, not oversea model (called F Seirals) which adopts cheap K guide.

ShoreGun EVOLV

Taking Shore Game to the next level. 
The Shore Gun Evolv is created to support an angler who loves their shore fishing. The parts we choose to create the better rod and also the materials used to create the better parts and of course the decay of time we spent to find the best to satisfy your needs. We even paid attention to the details for Butt End selection. By creating specialized model rod, we can now support each anglers target spices.

By categorizing shore casting game, we have now come up with the rods to suit any situation and any target spices. By giving perfect bending curves to the rod and creating to suitable blank, we can now offer you the models for flat fish, blue runner, twitchier and seabass. After years of engineering we have improved our blank technology and managed to create improved Shore Slow Jigging Rod to the collection. The combination of better cast ability and easy handling is the key point to look out for. Previous1/5Next

We have selected to use K guide series. The engineer of our team came up with the suitable number of the guide for each rod and also the size of the guide which will allow our rod blank to show anglers the its strength and power. The cast ability and line handling of the rod has increased by selecting the most suitable line guide. All the minor details which missed by many often are the things we have spent more time on to create well balanced rod with smooth line handling.

Because we want anglers to have great experience with our products continuously we chose the best parts which we can always trust. SiC Ring has been used for each models of our rod. This ring will always perform the same in any conditions. The SIC Rings are known for its toughness and will not get effected by salt water or the sand off the beach. We believe the durability of the rod is important, we managed to install single foot or double foot model to decrease the chance of line trouble when cast.Feel the difference with the first cast of yours with our rod.

The Shore Gun Evolve has the high elastic material within its blank and butt end of the rod. By choosing the suitable material with our great technology, the rod has gained extra finesse feeling when cast and also the toughness when fight a fish. We have managed to create the blank that has never been seen before by understanding the strength of the material and also the engineering technique required. Previous4/5Next

One of the categories added to this model is Pack Rod series. By creating 2 models which can be taken with you everywhere you go, we believe we can change any scenes to a battle field. The casting model which can handle a minnow and all the other hard body lures and the power model which will allow you to cast a light weight jigs and vibes. These 2 models will allow anglers to enjoy the fight with the target species just like the other models. The quality and strength of the rod will let you enjoy the fight without worrying the fact it窶冱 a rod with a multiple pieces. The Cast ability and fish handling will blow your mind. 窶廴UST HAVE窶 if you are true fisher man!

[Shore Slow]Exclusivegame F.C Spinning Models


9ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:0   7-25g Lures   3-12lb Line   PE0.3-1.2#   Rod Wt.161g    


9ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:1   10-30g Lures   6-16lb Line   PE0.6-1.5#   Rod Wt.173g    


9ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:2   20-40g Lures   6-20lb Line   PE0.6-2.0#   Rod Wt.205g   


9ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:3   30-60g Lures   8-30lb Line   PE0.8-3.0#   Rod Wt.222g    

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