Palms Metal Witch Quest Offshore Slow Jigging Rod

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Blank features NANO ALLOY "R"
Metal Witch, the rod that’s leading the light jigging scene, now has new additions. Metal Witch Quest, A newer range now features Nano Alloy to the blank and gained quality performance which overrides the original Metal Witch. By gaining new Blank, The rod now can perform at it best in Slow Jigging, Tai Rubber, Demersal/Pelagic fishing to mention a few. After years of engineering and modification Metal Witch Quest is now ready to hit the water.




The carbonology style of wrapping helps to protect rod from twisting during along fight with large fish. This style of wrapping also increases torque and overall toughness.


[SLOW & FALL]Inshore Revo.II SF-spec Models

Mixture of Slow Jigging and Micro Jigging
New comers to the Slow Jigging scene, Made to work with Micro/Light Jig that’s is 00 The Power Class. It has the grunt that could be used under any circumstances and controls the light weight jigs with the super light line class for jigging. 00 is here to show you something new!

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:0   30-80g Lures   PE0.6-1.2#   Rod Wt.117g    

Feel the under scene of 100g Slow Jigging with this rod
The jig weight under 100g is the high demand jigging field at the moment. The movement of jig will come at you through the new blank system created with Nano Resin. Best to trust the rod and feel it for yourself!

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:0   40-100g Lures   PE0.8-1.2#   Rod Wt.117g    

Master of the inactive fishing day
The rod you must have for the inactive fishing day. Less speedy and more action movement, the tip of the rod will create a jig movement that the fish can not resist. Nano Resin blank system will be a great help for the angler who love to jig the shallow water.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:1   60-110g Lures   PE0.8-1.5#   Rod Wt.125g    

The controller of up to 150g jigs
The perfect model for an angler who loves to jig the depth of around 50m. This rod can handle the jig weight of 100-150g -this weight gets used very frequently in the Slow jigging scene. Nano Carbon mixed to the rod will create the Rhythmical movement to the jig yet nice and steady fall action. Perfectly balanced rod that will cover many oceans

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:2   100-150g Lures   PE1.0-2.0#   Rod Wt.126g    

Slow Jigging Game starts here…
The model everyone can rely on. Whether you know the tidal movement or the condition of the ocean itself, this model is the once to start off your day of Slow jigging. Works with the jig weight between 130-180. Perfectly designed for the mid range depth Slow Jigging.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   130-180g Lures   PE1.2-2.5#   Rod Wt.132g    

The rod controls up to 200g jigs with the light feels to your hand
200g jig is needed the most in the fast current movement and decent depth, that’s where the Power 4 model comes in play. The lightness of Metal Witch and also the nice and smooth control of the jig is still there just like the other models but has the power that you need.

6ft.3inc.   1pc.   Power:3   150-200g Lures   PE1.5-3.0#   Rod Wt.136g    

Slow Jigging rod that can handle the big fish and it power
Power 5 model is a hybrid of nice and soft tip action with the grunt of the heavy model rod. The days you chase the big fish this model will come in handy. Smooth line movement though the rod and also the power and strength through the rod will let you handle any fish with their sudden movement and action.

6ft.8inc.   1pc.   Power:5   180-230g(Fall Max 400g) Lures   PE1.5-3.5#   Rod Wt.149g    

Fall Max Weight 500g, Deep sea jiggin model
Over 200m Deep in the sea, this model and its blank will let you handle the Fall Max Weight 500g. The tip can control the jig weight up to 250g easily. With great strength mixed with nice bent curve will let you control the fight with the big pelagic

6ft.8inc.   1pc.   Power:6   200-250g(Fall Max 500g) Lures   PE2.0-4.0#   Rod Wt.168g    

More Fall action to the jig, Made for the Long fall movement
The 7ft 11inch model will let you control the jig with nice Long Fall action to your jig. Targeting the species that love Long fall, this length would create the chance to strike these targets with the Max Fall Weight 230g.

7ft.11inc.   Offset Handle   Power:2   100-150g(Fall Max 230g) Lures   PE1.0-2.0#   Rod Wt.152g    

The Long fall action created by 7ft 11inch
The 7ft 11inch with Fall Max Weigh 300g will perform great even in the depth of 100m+. This rod kept the light weight of the Metal Witch letting the angler control the heavy jig nice and easy. This rod is created for the angler who loves their long fall action to hit up the nice and deep water.

7ft.11inc.   Offset Handle   Power:3   130-180g(Fall Max 300g) Lures   PE1.2-2.5#   Rod Wt.158g    

Model No. Length Piece Power Lure Line Rod Wt.
MTSC-6300SF 6ft.3inc. 1 0 30-80g #0.6-1.2 117g
MTSC-630SF 6ft.3inc. 1 0 40-100g #0.8-1.2 117g
MTSC-631SF 6ft.3inc. 1 1 60-110g #0.8-1.5 125g
MTSC-632SF 6ft.3inc. 1 2 100-150g #1.0-2.0 126g
MTSC-633SF 6ft.3inc. 1 3 130-180g #1.2-2.5 132g
MTSC-634SF 6ft.3inc. 1 3 150-200g #1.5-3.0 136g
MTSC-685SF 6ft.8inc. 1 5


(Fall Max 400g)

#1.5-3.5 149g
MTSC-686SF 6ft.8inc. 1 6


(Fall Max 500g)

#2.0-4.0 168g
MTSC-7112SF 7ft.11inc. Offset Handle 2


(Fall Max 230g)

#1.0-2.0 152g
MTSC-7113SF 7ft.11inc. Offset Handle 3


(Fall Max 300g)

#1.2-2.5 158g

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