Owner Cultiva Gekito Game Vest

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Forget to wear it. The stretchable full neoprene material (2 mm) has overwhelming behavior and followability due to lightness and fit.
Sewing of parts where motion is added is also strengthened and consideration is given to durability. It is a body protector (floating vest) which assumed only the lake game of the iso.
We will support "the basics of throwing on Shore" steadily.

Minimize damage, such as a fall when walking to the island, or a slide down indeed.
Rear, front, shoulder, McLa, everything is in place properly.
Also, in preparation for falling water, built neoprene as well as float material.
The buoyancy is sufficiently secured (In the separate out, mobility is realized without sacrificing the bending and twisting motion of the body).
There is buoyancy in the material itself, and it is a product with built-in float material. The buoyancy has secured 7.5 kg.

● Low water pressure specification that eliminates as much machinery pocket as possible.
● Extra thick strap has been circled around the body and psychologically safe also in real function.
● It is a short design that can be used with waist back (the crotch string is longer than 125 cm).
● Front zipper makes upper and lower double-sided downward jerk action easier.
● Imagination whistle standard equipment.
● McLa fixed belt (countermeasures against sliding down).
● Reflector arrangement.

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