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  • New models have appeared along with the ZEROSUM and INGRAM series. Amazing cost performance that does not lose to the highest peak ZEROSUM series.
  • By using the new material T1100G for the whole rod, the rod has a toughness and sharpness unique to slenderness, which has never been seen before.
  • The AT's mouth is made of 4-axis carbon that not only looks good but also has a high shape restoring force and effectively suppresses the force in the torsion direction.
  • The body color is a simple but luxurious design that emits a color like the shine of the sea when exposed to sunlight.
  • A new reel seat design that combines design and usability in the reel seat section.
  • It is a rod that everybody who likes fishing, not just a veteran who stuck to the details, should definitely use it.



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