MIYA SICKOFF wrist band for motion sickness

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Miya Sick Off applies a certain pressure to the acupoints on the wrist to suppress unpleasant symptoms such as sickness in the vehicle, relieve muscle stiffness, relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation, and spend a comfortable time. It is a product to try.

  • Size : Free
  • Color : Beige, brown, blue, gray, black
  • 2 pcs / pack
[How to use]
  • between the two streaks at the position of the inside of the finger three width than the joint of the wrist (the width of the second joint) I pressed against the protruding portion of the body back.
  • to stop to the extent so as not deviated from that position of the protrusion is suppressed, also it is not too tight.
  • it will strongly pressed against the protrusion about 10-20 seconds. Please repeat it three times.

※ towards such as heavy drinking, lack of sleep, poor physical condition of the eve has no effect to be used.

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