Maria META FLA Metal Sinking Lure 32g

$24.00 AUD

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This META-FLA’s concept is very simple but effective.
Especially for shore game fishing, the casting distance is one of an important factor to catch your dream fish.

You will choose metal jigs if you assume fish are further than where you can cast by normal lures, but sometimes, metal jig action cannot fascinate them enough.
But any of good-swimming plugs cannot reach where fish are… How frustrating it is.

Now this is the case this META-FLA can be effective.

META-FLA has metal frame body that provides small but heavy weight to make longer distance like metal jigs, and the tale flap makes great action that vibrates like bait fish, like plugs. This flap can also make stronger lifting power to keep the biting range as soon as you start retrieving like lures.
  • Length : 62mm
  • Weight : 32g
  • Hook Size : #6
  • Ring Size : Flat #3
  • Target Fish : Blue Runner, Flat Fish


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