Major Craft Zoc Twin Assist Hooks (Duel HD)

$8.00 AUD

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You will see the hooking power by ZOC Assist hook.It is designed to be as light as possible. Being coated with thread by high hardness epoxy which is used for rod guides and called Z-HARD COAT pat.p.

  • 1. Lighter
  • 2. Reduce the water resistance
  • 3. Durability

The materials are made in Japan and assemble them in Vietnam.There are many kinds of hook size, assist type, and the length of assist line.You can choose whatever you need based on the situation.Single type

Dual type
It was designed like, once one was hooked, the other was also hooked as well as the same time. 2pcs in package

Ideal shape of fishing hook, triple blade!!

  • Improve the strength and abrasion resistance for needle tip by the way of Press working
  • Improve the penetrability because of triple blade which was produced by press working. Super hooking power sounds like Zoc!

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