Majorcraft Squid Jig EGIZO #2.5

$12.10 AUD

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  • #Size 2.5 / 10.5g / Sinking Speed: 4.2-4.4 sec/m
  • #Size 3.5 / 15.0g / Sinking Speed: 3.8-4.0 sec/m
  • #Size 3.5 / 21.0g / Sinking Speed: 3.4-3.6 sec/m

The excellent balance of the edge sinker keeps the sinking posture, which is the most hilarious. In addition, the synergistic effect of the body side edge, sharp nose, and edge sinker realizes a sharp hiccup with good drainage. It is designed with a balance that makes it easy to put squid and to put it on.

The Japanese-made canna, which has a unique stab and strength unique to a thin shaft + fluorine coat, has a black color finish that suppresses luster that is not wary of squid.

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