LUMICA Metal Jacker Target: Hairtail 20g

LUMICA Metal Jacker Target: Hairtail 20g

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LUMICA Metal Jacker Target: Hairtail 20g


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Metal Jacker Glow and Rattle Jig Series

Ideal for placing a Starlite Glow Stick or a Rattle stick into its built-in integrated slot

It is a metal jig equipped with a rattle stick that can mount a rattle stick 25 and a chemi firefly 25.

It is a center balance specification that responds quickly to rod action.

It is possible to hit the flutter while sliding the tail with free winding to slow jerk.

At high pitch, you can make a strong appeal to the target while making the rattle sound with sharp dirt and fluttering.

The Light emitted by the Starlite is irresistible to many species of game fish. The Rattle stick mimics the sound of fish biting on crustaceans like shrimp and small crabs.

All Jigs have an integrated slot designed to hold a Starlite glow or Rattle stick. A high quality single stinger hook and a treble hook are pre-connected to the Jig body. Rattle stick included with every Jig. Starlite chemical glow Light stick sold separately.

  • Contents : Metal jacker x 1 ; Treble hook(#8) and assist hook(#13) are standard equipment.
  • Rattle stick 25 x 1.
  • Target fish : Hairtail etc. 
  • Weight: 20g (~0.7oz): Approx.
  • Length: 64mm (~2.5in)