Kizakura Kz GTR THE NIGHT Zensoh ISO Fishing Float [Orange Color]

$15.50 AUD

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  • You can enjoy full-layer ISO fishing like the conventional Kz GTR
  • The transparent cap does not affect the visibility even during the daytime, and the brightness is good even if Chemical Light Stick is attached.
  • You will never miss the sunrise and sunset game time for changing the rig.
  • A push stick included, which can be used to remove the chemical light stick smooth
  • M/L size can be equipped with double Chemical Light Sticks #25(dia. 2.5mm)
  • LL size can be equipped with one Chemical Light Stick #37(dia. 3.7mm)
  • SIC ring, ring diameter: 5.5 mm
  • Made in Japan

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