Owner Cultiva Original floating Game Vest / Life Jacket Generation 4

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    <Japan Domestic Model>
    • 4th Generation
    • Free Size
    • Designed for both Lure Fishing and ISO Fishing
    • Specifications
      1. pillows stand... When you fall or drainage: head protection
      2. shoulder non-slip processing... rod case and cooler,
      3. simple loop... glove and retention of headlights, etc.
      4. the flap pocket: pull the belt only, and can be opened with only one hand. * Not a waterproof submersion, etc..
      5. pin reel cover
      6. plier holder
      7. front pocket... A5 size box fit. No gusset on the inside place the wide pocket. Increases the width of the flap usability.
      8. reflector: large-sized, safety
      9. salt each zipper gami prevention effectiveness
      10. casting design pieces around... even larger cut and the range of motion of the shoulder
      11. material changes... dough is light and strong (waterproof x repellent aquatic areas)
      12. born afford in the abdomen by doublefasner... from the bottom up, up with forward-leaning posture when plug
      13. cap holder integrated
      14. for short gaff D Kang eight equipped with rear view
      15. of Silicon printing logos so difficult to peel
      16. extensive side Asia star... adjust area size in four broad Velcro. For clothes:
      17. Design bag pocket... at the top, as well as be picked up from the bottom. Adopt a waterproof zippers at the bottom. Inside the neoprene pocket digital camera built-in
      18. landing tool holder
      19. uspenders holders... shoulder to prevent misregistration.
      20. line breaker Steed holder
      21. new buoyancy material... light, movement and ease up
      22. for emergency use plastic whistle... fixed with.
      23. Luc functionality... use the crotch straps backpack, making land shore walk when convenien

    In addition to these various functions.
    * To improve the use of other than the above to adjust position and size conducts.

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