Daiwa EMERALDAS RATTLE Squid Jig Color No.14 Jump Fish

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<Japan Domestic Model>

The new Emeraldas Rattle models are truly unique and feature many design innovations that make it one of the most effective jigs available on the market today.

The EM rattle features 6 glass beads mounted in the top of the lure, these create a rattling sound reminiscent of a wounded fish or the clicking of a scurrying prawn, perfect for low light or deep-water situations where the waters visibility is minimal and even the slightest noise will help lure a squid. To keep the lure straight the EM rattle has the lowest centre of gravity of any of our jigs and the specially designed keel, which is different on each size, creates perfect balance even with a rapid swimming action.

For best results use Daiwa’s Egi Snaps and for deeper applications use the Agorig system by attaching the weight to the Egi snap. The new Emeraldas Rattle jig is the perfect all-rounder jig available in a variety of sizes and colours
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