Decoy Wide Angle Quattro Hook X-F55

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Featuring four hook points, the Decoy X-F55 Quad Treble Hook is the ideal choice for reaction baits such as crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater lures. Displaying a short shank, extra-wide gap design, the X-F55 Treble Hook will remain close to the body of the lure to eliminate hook fouling and reduce the number of snags when working through water dense with cover. These hooks are extremely strong and very sticky - you'll find they don't just hook the fish, they almost pin them down in order to keep fish on until they can be landed. Decoy also suggests using the X-F55 for soft plastic line through swimbaits such as many of the Rago Baits and Osprey lures as you can stick one point into the body and still keep three hook points exposed.

  • Model : X-F55
  • Quantity: 4pcs
  • Color : Black
  • Made in Japan

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