Hots Metal Jig Bigfin 150g
Hots Metal Jig Bigfin 150g
Hots Metal Jig Bigfin 150g
Hots Metal Jig Bigfin 150g

Hots Metal Jig Bigfin 150g

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Hots Metal Jig Bigfin 150g

#2 Silver

North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

340 Penshurst Street
North Willoughby NSW 2068

  • Bigfin jig has an ideal head part which is a unique boat-shaped with wings. It is a fast moving jig but the one with weight-balanced “non-spinning head” and the one makes the side movement of “wobbling action” only with reeling. 
  • As well as the head part, it also has a Tako bait which makes desired actions like Inchiku-type fishing gears. The head part, which is slimmer than the existing products, prevents the misalignment of the Tako bait and it makes broader and smooth wobbling action by receiving the water current by the shoulder part. Since it has long slits and is made of soft material, it is pursed up when jerking and outspreads when stopped, like flares of a skirt. It is effective even when it is equipped on the other brands’ fishing gears.

Made in Japan

Avaiable Weight:

  • 80g
  • 100g
  • 120g
  • 150g
  • 180g


Color Chart : 

Tune-up to Zebra pattern with Abalone sheets painted with UV red, UV green and UV blue”

UV R.G.B. colors of CONKER are painted like abalone zebra pattern with UV glow paint and the paint is effective for nervous fishes at offshore and crowded trout pond. We usually discriminate colors under visible rays, but it is thought that many fishes are also able to discriminate ultraviolet rays (invisible rays). Visible rays are absorbed in water and get darker as it deepens, but ultraviolet rays reach deeper than visible rays. So it is thought that a jig painted with UV glow can also be easily found by fishes at deep area of the sea. Although our field tests have shown a big difference in the result, of course, it is not the same in all cases. HOT’S continue to pursue the further possibility of the UV glow paint.