Gamakatsu tournament live fish (burley) bucket GM-2433

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  • Dimensions 
    • 290×430×300mm(43cm)
    • 330×450×310mm(45cm)
  • Material: EVA 
  • Adopt coating handles and shoulder straps to keep water away.
  • It is a tournament bucket which adopted the popular reversible EVA seat.
    • It prevents the entry of light into the inside of the baccan and calms the inside fish.
    • Regardless of the season, it is possible to suppress the sudden change of the internal water temperature and keep the fish life of the inside good.
    • As the sheet becomes a double structure, the thickness of the sheet is increased and the rigidity of the main body is increased!
  • (43 cm) The upper lid adopts a slit type fish input port.
  • (45 cm) We adopt the slot of the slide fastener type fish for the upper lid.
  • (43 cm) Equipped with a side pocket that can store one air pump.
  • (45 cm) Equipped with a side pocket that can store two air pumps.
  • The pump pocket can hold the pump firmly with buckle type.
  • By providing a slit at the bottom of the pocket, it prevents water from accumulating.
  • The pump hose can be inserted inside through the hose exclusive port. It is also possible to fasten the hose with tension applied. If you do not wear hoses, you can also cover with a convex cap.
  • 30 cm scale on the top, with name entry space.
  • Adopt special embossed sheets.

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