Gamakatsu Floating Vest GM-2188

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  • Model : GM-2188
  • Size: M, L, LL, 3L
  • Color: Black × Silver
  • Material: 
    • <Outer material> 100% nylon <Lining> 100% nylon
    • <Mesh> 100% polyester <Buoyancy material> NBR 70%, P.V.C 30%
  • Weight: 1.36 kg (L)
  • 4 pockets, 2 waterproof pockets.
  • The main body material is a nylon material that uses a honeycomb lip and a hybrid material that is a carbon-like P.V.C. material.
  • By coating the front and back of the body material to prevent the body fabric from retaining water due to rain or shibuki, the excellent moisture permeability allows moisture such as sweat in clothes to be released to the outside. 
  • By using buoyancy material that is softer than before, a flexible design that corresponds to fishing that moves the arm to any angle, such as operating the rod during fishing.
  • By adjusting the waist belt on the side, the fit to the body is greatly improved. The belt is designed so that it can be rotated to the back. By setting the main body fabric to be firm and using a Vislon fastener, you can open and close the pocket with a light touch.
  • Place a zipper pocket inside. It is convenient for storing tools and small items when fishing. The pin-on reel holder is attached near the center of the chest to prevent interference with the pin-on reel body during handing over and exchanging fish.
  • A crotch belt whose length is adjusted so that the excess does not drip. Washable function. The buoyancy material inside can be removed and the body can be easily cleaned.
  • 2WAY system that can be used as a mesh type by removing the back fabric. The waterproof zipper pocket is not waterproof.

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