Gamakatsu Tackle Bag GM-2498 <36cm>

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  • The main body material is an E.V.A sheet that has excellent lightfastness and is resistant to fading.
  • Uses a coated handle and shoulder belt that keeps water out. It has less odor and dirt, and has improved wear resistance.
  • The handle part uses a resin tube, which reduces the load on the hand when gripped, making it easier to grip.
  • Easy-to-wash internal mirror finish! The inside is hard to get dirty and easy to wash off.
  • By using resin molded parts for the top lid, small items can be temporarily placed. Because it is a tray, small items do not fall down.
  • A rod holder is used on the body side. It is convenient for temporary storage such as when taking a break or making work in progress.
  • Do not use when wind is strong or the baccan itself does not have its own weight. It may fall down and damage the pole. Do not store the rod for a long time.
  • A large pocket is used on the body side. It is convenient for storing small items and temporary storage of tools.
  • Non-slip is used on the bottom. Grip the ground plane with 5 parts.
  • Material <Main body>: E.V.A
  • Material <Inner tray>: 245 x 355 x 45 mm
  • Size: 310×360×250 mm
  • Weight: about 2.58 kg
  • Maid in China

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