EverGreen Ocean Fleet Slow Pitch Metal Jig Caprice Kid 50g

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The Evergreen Caprice Kid 50gr is the smaller version of the popular Caprice jig range.

Designed as a multi purpose jig the Caprice Kid responds well to a slow pitch or high pitch retreive with long strokes. The jig has an enticing falling action and most strikes occur on the fall or pause.

Unlike his two older brothers from 130 and 180g, the Caprice Kid aims to preys slightly more moderate but even this is relative since it has been shown to behave really well even in situations of maxi preys, anyway is ideal for the capture of species other as sea bass, sea bream, and more.

A casting jig designed for Shore Jigging, Slow Jigging and Boat Casting on forage fish, The Caprice Kid targets various types of predators, including those from the tuna family.

It's a different jig from what we are used to, both from the design point of view, and also in the movements that this jig produces.

A movement that is somewhat zigzagged, but natural.

Length: 8,5cm

Weight: 50gr

Type: Slow Pitch and Long Fall

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