DAIWA EBING STICK 4.2 inches Soft Lure

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  • Size: 4.2inch
  • Quantity: 5 pcs
  • Made in Japan

Murakoshi Masahi supervised worm for blue ebbing of high strength material. High-strength material specialized for Ebing aiming at blue objects including yellow fin tune and king fish, designed exclusively for worms. The commitment of Masayoshi Murakoshi, advocate of Ebing, has been included everywhere, and in the actual fishing tests there are cases that hit the hit rate more than four times the DR stick". Even if there is a reaction, it is very effective also for the blue thing that the mouth became astringent as it gets on the roots and the yellow fin tuna in the Sagami Bay,  especially when it is eating at ease. Adjustable according to the tide with buoyancy setting that becomes a suspend in one attachment and suspend in two attachments."

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