Blue Blue Metal Jig FALLTEN 40g

Blue Blue

Blue Blue Metal Jig FALLTEN 40g

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Blue Blue Metal Jig FALLTEN 40g

#10 Dark Purple


Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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SMASHED-Flying, FAST-Dropping! Regular choice of metal jig tail-weighted. 


Fallten, a tail-weighted metal jig, is specialized in long cast distance and quick falling.

Long-cast-distance gives you wider field and enables you to reach far bait fish boils more quickly than anybody. Fast dropping prompts impulse strike by fish, and tells you bottom-touch more clearly so that you can keep accuracy of cast and depth range even from the shore.

You can cast farther without attached treble hook.


Product Specification
Weight: 20g
Weight: 30g
Weight: 40g

SMASHED-Flying, FAST-Dropping! Tail weighted jig for your first choice.

Long Casting: gives you wider searching area, and enables you to reach far boiling more quickly than anybody. Fast Dropping: prompts impulse strikes, and makes your shore casting sharper and easier with telling bottom touch more clearly. *Longer casting without treble hook. * rigged with 1 treble hook and 1 assist hook.

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