Berkley Super FireLine COLORED 1200m Slow Pitch Special

Berkley Super FireLine COLORED 1200m Slow Pitch Special

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Berkley Super FireLine COLORED 1200m Slow Pitch Special

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North Willoughby

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Hit the shelf directly! 10m x 5 colors Super Fire Line Colored Appearance!!
5 vivid colors while maintaining the merits of Super Fire Line, such as easy bottoming, jig operability with ultra-low elongation, and amazing sensitivity. You can hit the shelf you aimed at by dyeing. The difference is clear not only for shallow waters of 100m or less, but also for jigging in mid-deep water. It is the birth of the strongest offshore game line including slow pitch jigging!


Mr. Masayoshi Higashimura, Deepliner

First of all, I started using Fireline because it stretches less than PE. As I continued to do slow-pitch fishing, the depth of the water to attack became deeper, and I began to attack 200-300m for red snapper, 400-600m for alfonsino, and 600-800m for red sea bream. Also, in the Nansei Islands, the water depth for amberjack is as deep as 250m. In such a case, by using a line that does not stretch more, it is easier to move the jig accurately, it is easier to hit, and it is easier to grasp the state of the water. Another reason for using Fireline is that it has good drainage even in fast currents due to its surface treatment.

And I was able to catch a lot of good fish with such a fire line, but with the advent of the super fire line with stable strength, it became possible to use it with more confidence. I also feel like my life has been extended. I have been using this colored model from the sample stage. In the slow pitch, it is important to catch the tana, so until now, we have counted the number of rotations of the reel handle to get the tana. Now possible. Also, the height and dents of the reef are easier to see with the color scheme, and I think that it has become possible to get more fishing results. Isn't it going to be an indispensable line for slow pitch? 

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirota Sea Floor Control

 The long-awaited fire line with marking has appeared.
Until now, fishing on a line without markings has become established, and on the contrary, I have been able to establish fishing without markings.

(1) Phayao
It is very promising for fishing that does not take the bottom. Until now, I used to count the fall speed and determine the depth of the water by the amount of remaining spool, but it became very easy when Colored was released.

(2) Artificial reefs
Fish tend to settle in various places such as the "bottom", "edge" and "top" of reefs. For fishing on artificial reefs, it is very important to cast again after catching the first fish and cast the jig to the same reef position to determine what size reef and where the fish are staying. It's going to be a guideline.

(3) Nature reefs
There are common situations in fishing in the central sea of ​​natural shallows, such as "running up" and "running down", and fish always have a habit of staying where there is a slight change in topography. Until now, I was always conscious of reeling speed and fall speed and felt changes in the terrain, but when Colored was released, it was obvious, so it became easier to approach fish more aggressively. As a result, the catch will definitely increase.


Seven Mr. Akira Miyazaki

 The most noticeable difference in the feeling of using the Super Fire Line is that the hardness of the line material greatly avoids the trouble of entangling the guide. The thinner it is, the different the effect will be.
The PE line often gets tangled when the rod is jerked up or when the wind is strong and the line flaps. Not only does it take time to get entangled, but the line is scratched due to the friction resistance of the guide when it gets entangled. The fact that the line is difficult to get entangled is an important merit to prevent these.
The second is that it is resistant to scratches in the horizontal direction, and even when tying FG knots, there is almost no fluff compared to ordinary PE lines, and the knots are strong. Normally, anglers choose a line based on the strength of a new line, but when considering actual use, it is important to consider that the strength of a new line is declining for all sorts of reasons. . Of course, it changes depending on the conditions of use. Whether casting is the main thing, there are also factors such as elongation rate, desired specific gravity, and how the reel fits. The third is good drainage. The braid is completely different from other lines, and it feels like using a nylon line that absorbs less water and does not stretch.

After switching to this Super Fire Line, I made the line one rank thinner than the number I had been using before.
The reason is that it is certainly strong in practice. The line actually pulled out from the reel is knotted, stretched, caught in nails and guides, tangled in other anglers' lines, and is always painful.
I think it's a line that was able to withstand it as much as possible. I was able to alleviate some of the things I was a little worried about, so I made it a notch thinner. However, scratches and deterioration cannot be avoided.
It is important to rewind the reel as soon as possible (the cheaper the price, the better).

Product features

  • New issue number, new test pound display
  • Flying distance up (17% up compared to our company)
  • Significant improvement in color fading
  • Improved coating prevents fluffing and achieves unprecedented smoothness
  • Improved wear resistance (up 3% compared to our company)
  • Tighter construction for more uniform line diameters


 Overwhelmingly low elongation
PE line causes elongation and sensitivity loss due to loosening of the weave? Super Fire Line is made by applying heat to the Dyneema material by the micro-fused manufacturing method and stretching it. Completely different from normal PE line, it is a structure that maximizes the low elongation characteristic of Dyneema by aligning the Dyneema materials in a straight line. It is an ultra-sensitive line that can detect changes in tidal currents and front hits to lures.

Super FireLine COLORED has good drainage and is not easily affectedby tides, so it is easy to reach the bottom. is much faster than normal PE line! As a result, the probability of getting a bite increases, leading to an increase in catch rate.

3% more wear resistance than FireLine, which has a reputation for being "strong against root slippage" compared to PE
Super Fire Line has succeeded in further improving the coating! ! Even smoother! ! Furthermore, durability is improved and it is difficult to become fuzzy. It has excellent wear resistance, and you can attack the standard point of sea bass, "bridge pier". Due to the coating effect, water is drained well and the influence of wind and tide is reduced as much as possible, and you can feel the goodness of operability that is completely different from the PE line at a high level.

Strengthening of the molecular structure is realized by thermal compression and stretching technology!
The Super Fire Line is completely different from the PE line that is simply woven with Dyneema material. Dyneema material has been processed into amazing strength by Berkeley's patented "hot drawing technology". Increased straight line strength allows the use of thinner and stronger lines. It excels in tightening friction knots and achieves the highest binding strength.